Additel ADT 938 Test Pump

Additel ADT 938 Test Pump

Ametek Calibrator Jofra HPC600

Ametek Calibrator Jofra HPC600

Ametek Calibrator Jofra CSC201

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Ametek Calibrator Jofra CSC201

Ametek Jofra CSC201 line of signal calibrators are dedicated units - with free calibration certificate

Ametek Jofra CSC201

The Ametek Jofra CSC line of signal calibrators are dedicated units designed to make your calibration and maintenance tasks easier to perform. The Ametek Jofra CSC201 is engineered for the calibration of temperature instruments offering the ability to measure and simulate several different types of RTDs and TCs. This instrument makes the job easy by utilizing a thermocouple plug for easy connection and can work with 2, 3, or 4 wire RTDs.

The CSC201 also offers features such as user defined setpoints with a recall function, selectable cold junction compensation, and installed curves for 14 RTD and 13 TC types. These handy time savers are combined in a package offering an easy-to-read, two line display and an intuitive keypad with a knob for fine adjustments.

This calibrator is more than a simple tool, but it is as easy to use as any device that you have in your toolbox. The CSC201 signal calibrator offers you the accuracy and features that you need in a convenient, compact, and easy to use package.

Ranges -Input and Output:
RTD: 14 types
Resistance: 0 to 4000Ω (read)
Resistance: 5 to 4000Ω (source)
TC: 13 types
mV: -10 to 75 mV (read)
mV: -10 to 75 mV (source)
High accuracy
accuracy up to +/-0.1°C / 0.18°F

C/w Free Calibration Certificate Traceable to National Standards
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Brand Ametek Jofra
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