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Crowcon T4 Gas Detector

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Crowcon Clip Gas Detector

Crowcon Detective 3 - 4 Gas Detector

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Crowcon Detective 3 - 4 Gas
The Detective gas detector series is readily available with three versions.
3 gas monitors,
  • Ch4, O2, CO
  • CH4, O2, H2S
4 gas monitor
  • Ch4, O2, CO, H2S.
All three monitors are available either pumped or non-pumped, & with either plastic or metal legs. Select as required
The Detective+ transportable area monitor gas detector,  is based on the highly successful Triple Plus+ and Detective models, building on the reputation, reliability and versatility of its forebears.
Detective+ is inherently rugged and robust, with a sturdy fixed or folding leg protective frame options.
Loud and clear alarms can be transmitted between Detective+ units while an optional built in pump allows faster gas response and better sensor protection.
Detective+ may now be equipped with infra-red sensor technology, which provides either CO2 detection, or allows higher flammable gas level monitoring and immunity to the poisoning effects which standard flammable gas sensors can suffer from.
There are now two options for battery capacity, either 36 hours or 60 hours with standard configuration, providing remote sites with extended usage in-between charges. Couple these features with the wide range of toxic gas sensors available and it makes Detective+ one of the most versatile area monitors available. 55,000 Detective and TriplePlus+ users can't be wrong.
  • Up to 4 gases monitored in a rugged and sturdy protective frame
  • Ultra-loud 104 dBA sounder and red LED cluster alarms
  • Wide range of sensor options including infra-red
  • Long 36 or 60 hour battery life
  • Raised detectors, coupled with IP65 specification provides excellent sensor protection
  • Built-in pump option to provide faster gas response
  • 12 Detective + units may be linked together, up to 100m from adjacent units
  • 4 gas Ch4,O2,Co,H2s non-pumped
  • 4 gas Ch4,O2,CO,H2s pumped
  • Available with either plastic or metal legs

3 gas versions
CH4, O2, H2S
4 Gas version
Ch4,O2,CO, H2S

Other gas cell combinations available.

C/w Free Calibration Certificate Traceable to National Standards
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