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Entel DX425 VHF Digital Radio

Entel DX482 UHF Digital Radio

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Entel DX482 UHF Digital Radio

Entel DX482 UHF Digital Radio (400-470 MHz) 

  • Ultra-compact, lightweight
  • MIL-STD commercial-grade construction

IP68 fully submersible to two metres for four hours

Entel DX482 UHF Digital Radio (400-470 MHz) description

Entel DX482 UHF Digital Radio (400-470 MHz) is a non-display licensed radio, ultra-compact, lightweight and dual-mode (Analogue and Digital), rugged and IP68 fully-submersible in water to a depth of 2 meters for 4 hours.  

The DX482 radio deploy the latest DMR digital technology combined with Entel Audio tailoring to ensure the best possible range and clarity.

 Entel DX482 UHF Digital Radio Features: 

  • Supports both digital and analogue modes, ensuring simple migration from legacy analogue radio systems
  • Compact, rugged
  • IP68 submersible
  • Enhanced privacy digital speech is more difficult to monitor than analogue radio. To further secure your communications system it is possible to use the built-in secure digital encryption feature
  • MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, F and G for temperature, thermal shock, pressure, vibration, impact shock, solar radiation and rain and dust ingress.
  • Licensed Radio

Entel DX482 UHF Digital Radio Specification:

 Channel Capacity

16 channels

Analogue Channel Spacing


Digital Channel Spacing




Operating Voltage



CNB420E 1350mAh Lithium-Ion

CNB450E 2000mAh Lithium-Ion

Weight (with battery)

243g with CNB420E

267g with CNB450E

Overall Dimensions



97mm x 59.5mm x 33mm (with CNB420E)

97mm x 59.5mm x 37mm (with CNB450E)

Frequency Stability


Antenna Impedance

50 ohm

Operating Temperature

-20 to +55°C

Dust and Liquid Intrusion

IP68 2 metres for 4 hours

Drop Test

MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G Standard

Packing Test

MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G Standard

Vibration and Shock

MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G Standard



Analogue mode RF EN 300 086 v2.1.2

Digital mode RF 300 113 v2.2.1

EMC EN 301 489-1 v2.2.0 &

EN301 489-5 v2.2.0

Safety (LVD) EN 60950:2006, A1, A11, A12 & A2

SAR EN 50566:2017, EN 62311:2008 &

EN 62209-2:2010

Air Interface

(DMR) ETSI TS 102 361

Frequency Band




Power Output UHF (HI/LOW)


Modulation Type

7K60FXE / 7K60FXD, 8K0F3E, 16K0F3E


2%/5% digital/analogue

Unwanted Emission

0.25uW/1.0uW <1GHz/>1GHz

Adjacent Channel Power




Digital Sensitivity

Typically -121dBm (0.2uV) for 5% BER

Analogue Sensitivity

Typically -121dBm (0.2uV) for 12dB Sinad

Rated Audio Output

2 watts



Adjacent Channel Selectivity


60dB (Digital) 60/70

(Analogue 12.5/25KHz)

Spurious Response Rejection


Spurious Radiations

2.0nW/20nW <1GHz/>1GHz


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