Fluke 125B Scopemeter 40MHz

Fluke 125B Scopemeter 40MHz

Fluke 1503 Insulation Tester

Fluke 1503 Insulation Tester

Fluke 125B/S Scopemeter 40MHz + SCC120

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Fluke 125/S Industrial ScopeMeter hand held oscilloscope (40 MHz) + SCC120 kit

Article Number: 4756079

Comes complete with a calibration Certificate Traceable to National Standards when purchased new.

Fluke 125B ScopeMeter 40MHz + SCC120 kit

The compact Fluke 125B ScopeMeter is the rugged solution for industrial troubleshooting and installation applications. It’s a truly integrated test tool, with oscilloscope, multimeter and recorder in one.

Find fast answers to problems in machinery, instrumentation, control and power systems.
In today’s complex systems, a meter measurement just doesn’t give enough detail to determine the cause of a fault. Signal anomalies, dropouts and glitches that might cause a machine to go down, are best displayed with an oscilloscope.

The Fluke 125B ScopeMeter has a number of features compared to its sister models the 123B and 124B, it is designed to give professional technicians all the tools that they need to carry out comprehensive diagnostics on a variety of equipment. 

The ability to measure power, harmonics and bus health.  The bus health test is used to verify electrical signal quality.  Giving you a clear indication of a ‘good’, ‘weak’ or ‘bad’ for relevant parameters.  Measured values are compared to standard ones based on bus type (CAN-bus, Profi-bus, Foundation Field, RS 232 and various others), with the ability to configure tolerance to cater for wider variety of buses.

The Fluke 125B can measure and check signal level speed, transition times and distortion to help locate cable connections, bad contacts, improper termination or incorrect grounding.

The Fluke 125B ScopeMeter meets today’s need of simultaneously measuring and checking waveforms. The unique Connect-and-View™ triggering automatically displays stable waveforms of virtually any signal. It really is as easy as one-two-three!

All recorded data can be downloaded with the FlukeView scopemeter software and transferred to PC via the USB connection.

Up to seven hours of battery operation frees you from mains outlets for true on-the- move working.  The rugged and drip proof case assures long life and reliable operation in the harshest industrial environments.

  • Oscilloscope, multimeter and recorder in one
  • 40 MHz oscilloscope bandwidth
  • Oscilloscope cursor mode
  • 10:1 voltage probe
  • True RMS multimeter (5000 count)
  • Connect-and-view trigger simplicity makes it easier to configure
  • IntellaSet technology- automatically adjusts readout based on measured signal
  • Dual input for waveform and meter recorder
  • Voltage, current, power waveforms, harmonics, resistance, continuity, diode, capacitance, frequency
  • Power W, VA, VAR, PF, DPF and Hz
  • Bus Health mode
  • Save and recall data and set-ups
  • Store set-ups by test sequence for routine maintenance
  • Optically isolated USB interface for transfer of data recorded
  • Fluke Connect mobile app
  • Rugged design
  • CAT IV 600V
  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery

Fluke 125B ScopeMeter comes complete with a calibration Certificate Traceable to National Standards when purchased new.  

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