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Fluke TL175 TwistGuard Test Leads

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Fluke TL175 TwistGuard Test Leads

Fluke TL175 TwistGuard™ Test Leads, with adjustable length tips designed for use in CAT II, CAT III, and CAT IV environments. In higher-hazard conditions (CAT IV and CAT III), a twist retracts the tips to reduce the possibility of accidental contact with energized surfaces. When you work in CAT II environments you can extend the tips for better access to hard-to-reach contacts, such as within wall outlets. Whether tips are retracted or extended, the leads always show the correct category rating.

Double-insulated, extra-safe

Test leads you have accumulated from years ago may not be designed with the insulation needed for today's electrical environments. In addition, test leads suffer from wear and abuse that could easily damage the insulation. For instance, leads that have been pinched in a panel door or kinked due to sharp bends have reduced insulating capability at those stress points.

Fluke TL175 TwistGuard™ leads are double-insulated WearGuard™ wires provide another safety advantage. If the outer layer of insulation gets nicked or worn through, the inner contrasting colour shows through clearly to signal it's time for a fresh set of leads.

Those wires are insulated with silicone, which both withstands high temperatures and remains flexible in the cold. They are rated for temperatures of -20 °C to 55 °C (-4 °F to 131 °F). Their universal input plugs are compatible with all instruments that accept standard 4 mm shrouded banana plugs.

Durability of TL-175 leads have an extra-heavy duty strain relief on both probe end and plug end, tested to more than 30,000 bends without failure.

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