Hanna HI-98501 Checktemp Digital Thermometer

Hanna HI-98501 Checktemp Digital Thermometer

Hanna HI-147-00 Magnetic Fridge Thermometer

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Hanna HI-147-00 Magnetic Fridge Thermometer

HI-147-00 Magnetic Fridge Thermometer

  • Ideal for fridge monitoring
  • Probe on a 1.0m long cable
  • Battery powered – Allows use away from a power source.

Cal Check™ - provides peace of mind every time your thermometer is switched on by automatically checking the thermometer circuit is accurate at 0°C and showing the result on screen at start up. Ensures your thermometer is working correctly and is in calibration.

Comes complete with a calibration Certificate Traceable to National Standards when purchased new.

Hanna HI-147-00 Magnetic Fridge Thermometer - Description

Continuous readout magnetic thermometer with external sensor is ideal for chiller cabinets.  With a convenient means to monitor internal temperature conditions of a refrigerator or freezer from the outside. Water testing laboratories require constant monitoring of refrigerators and incubators for compliance to standard operations. The HI-147-00 is the ideal thermometer for accurate, reliable temperature readings.

Key features

  • Perfect for refrigerator and incubator monitoring
  • Magnetic backing
  • Food grade stainless steel thermistor probe on 1 m cable
  • Fast response
  • Low battery warning
  • CAL Check™

CAL Check™

Automatically verifies calibration at start-up and alerts the user of the calibration status.

 100% reassurance with Hanna Cal Check

Hanna's exclusive Cal Check, saves time and brings peace of mind to users in busy catering environments. In hot kitchens, fast production lines and hectic retail environments, few operators have the time to keep checking the accuracy of their meters.

Hanna Cal Check automatically verifies the thermometer circuit accuracy at 0.0°C every time it is switched on. During start up, the calibration of the thermometers circuit is checked and the result is briefly displayed on the thermometers display to show the operator the calibration result.

Please note: The Cal Check system can only check the electronic circuit calibration and does not check the sensor of the thermometer. For further peace of mind, it is recommended to check the sensor by performing an ice test or comparative test against a reference thermometer.



-50.0°C to +150.0°C / -58.0°F to +302°F



0.1°F (-58.0°F to +199.9°F) / 1°F (200°F to 302°F)

Accuracy @25ׄ°C/77°F

± 0.3°C (-20°C to +90°C)

± 0.5°C (outside)

± 0.6°F (-4°F to +194°F)

± 1°F (outside)


Stainless bullet ended 40mm x 5mm with 1m cable

Battery Type

1 x 1.5V AAA

Battery Life

approx. 3 years of continuous use

Typical EMC Deviation

± 0.5°C / ± 1°F


93mm x 39mm x 31mm (3.7” x 1.5” x 1.2”)


60 g (2.1 oz.)


  • Hanna HI-147-00 thermometer
  • Battery
  • Instructions

We supply a free of charge traceable calibration and certification with the purchase of a Hanna HI-147-00 magnetic fridge thermometer.

Contact us if you require any assistance with your choice of any Hanna Instruments or accessories.

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