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Martindale NC3 Non-contact Voltage and Magnetic Field Tester

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Icom IC-F5022 VHF Mobile Radio

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Icom IC-F5022 VHF Mobile Radio

ICOM IC-F5022 VHF Mobile Two Way Radios

The ICOM IC-F5022 professional mobile two way radio series is the successor to Icom's successful IC-F110/F210 series. The ICOM IC-F5022, retains the features of its predecessor, while providing additional features found on higher end models. New signalling and scanning features give the user more flexibility by being compatible with existing radios. High-end features and ease of operation make these new radios suitable for a variety of markets including transport, agriculture & security, etc.

128 memory channels
Up to 128 memory channels can be divided into 8 banks allowing you to quickly choose your intended channel. Memory channel selection can be made easily with the up/down buttons.

Alphanumeric LCD
The large, easy to read LCD has a 14 segment, 8 digit selection for alphanumeric channel name and bank name indication with status icon that allow easy recognition of radio status. The “z” icon on the upper right of the display shows the scanning is activated.


Multiple signalling modes built-in
The IC-F5022 mobile two way radio series has built-in 5-Tone, CTCSS and DTCS signalling capabilities for group communication. The ICOM IC-F5022 series can decode up to eight 5-tone codes on a channel. When a matched tone is received, many actions are programmable for each code such as answer back calls, beep sounds, bell icon, radio stun, kill and revive, scan etc.


Enhanced Scan features
New scanning features have been included allowing easier migration from other manufacturers radios.


Scan list and scan type
The ICOM IC-F5022 series has 10 scanning list memories. Normal, priority or double priority scan type are programmable per scan each.


Tx channel setting
The Tx channel the radio is on, when the user pushes the PTT button while scanning, can be programmable per scanning list. Start channel, last detected channel, priority and pre-programmed channel are all selectable. In addition, display setting while scanning is also programmable.


Talk back function
When scanning stops or resumes after a preset time, the talk back function allows the user to send a message on the channel detected during scanning, prior to the Tx channel setting. The talk back timer beep alerts you of the end of the talk back time with a beep sound. The user can easily make a quick response with this function.


Nuisance delete ... A user can temporary skip a busy channel from the scanning list.


Monitor key action ... A user can stop a scan when pushing the monitor button.


Front mounted speaker
The ICOM IC-F5022 series has a 4W (typical) front-mounted speaker, which provides clear audio for the operator.


MIL grade rugged construction
The tough aluminium die case chassis and polycarbonate front panel have been tested to the MIL standard 810F. With this heavy-duty construction, the IC-F5022 two way radio series provide reliable operation over the long term in all manners of rugged environments.


External memory channel control with optional OPC-1939 accessory cable
The new optional OPC-1939 is a D-SUB 15-pin accessory cable for connecting various external devices like a PC, external speaker, or vehicle’s horn, etc. It provides the ignition sensing function, external memory channel control (up to 16 channels) as well as the external PTT, horn honk, audio output and modulated signal input.


Wide frequency coverage
The ICOM IC-F5022 series has wide, middle and narrow channel spacing (25, 20, 12.5kHz)* selectable per channel.
* Cannot program 25 and 20 kHz at the same time.


Optional Internal boards available
The ICOM IC-F5022 series has an internal 40-pin socket for a selection of internal optional boards including voice scrambler and DTMF decoder units.


Other Features
- Embedded ESN (Electronic serial number)
- BIIS PTT ID transmission
- ±2.5ppm frequency stability both in VHF (136–174MHz) and UHF (400–470MHz)
- 8 DTMF autodial memories
- Improved CTCSS/DTCS decode speed

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