Kewtech KT200 400A AC Clamp Meter

Kewtech KT200 400A AC Clamp Meter

Kewtech KT31

Kewtech KT31

Kewtech KT203

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Kewtech KT203

Kewtech KT203 Digital Clampmeter measure up to 400A AC, 600V AC and resistance

Kewtech KT203 Digital AC Clamp Meter

• Measures Current up to 400A AC
• Measures Voltage up to 600V AC
• Resistance
• Continuity buzzer
• 33mm jaw
• Sleep feature
• Data hold
• Display: 4000 counts
• Complies to IEC61010-1 (CAT. III) UL3111 & VDE0411 300V

AC Current Auto-Ranging
Range Measuring Range Accuracy
40A    0-40.00A       ±3.0% rdg ±8dgt
400A   15.0-299.9A    ±3.5% rdg ±6dgt
400A   300.0-400.0A   ±4.0% rdg ±6dgt

DC Current Auto Ranging
Range Measuring Range Accuracy
40A   0-40.00A        ±3.0% rdg ±8dgt
400A  15.0-299.9A     ±3.5% rdg ±6dgt
400A  300.0-400.0A    ±4.0% rdg ±6dgt

AC Voltage (V) AUTO-Ranging (50/60hz)
Range Measuring Range Accuracy
400V   0-400.0V        ±2.0% rdg ±5dgt
600A   15.0-599V       ±2.0% rdg ±5dgt

DC VOLTAge (V) AUTO-Ranging
Range Measuring Range Accuracy
400V   0-400.0V       ±1.5% rdg ±5dgt
600V   150-600V       ±1.5% rdg ±5dgt

Resistance (CONTINUITY) AUTO-Ranging
(Buzzer Beeps Below 50±35ohms)
Range    Measuring Range Accuracy
400Ohms   0-400.0Ohms    ±2.0% rdg ±5dgt
4000Ohms  150-4000Ohms   ±2.0% rdg ±5dgt

C/w Free Calibration Certificate Traceable to National Standards
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