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Ametek Jofra RTC-159 Reference Temperature Calibrator

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Ametek Jofra RTC-159 Reference Temperature Calibrator

The RTC-159 reference temperature calibrator can be used in many applications where either high heat or extreme cooling is needed.

We supply a free of charge traceable calibration and certification with the purchase of a new RTC-159 dry-block calibrator.

Contact us if you require any assistance with your choice of any Ametek Jofra calibrators and accessories.

Ametek Jofra RTC-159 Reference Temperature Calibrator

Ametek Jofra RTC-159 is a top model dry-block calibrator and is unsurpassed in the market.  It is the most versatile temperature calibrator available with a temperature range that makes it especially ideal for use in healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical biotechnology and food industries.

Advantages & Models

The RTC-159 offers:

  • Relevant for many applications- with its extremely wide temperature range, the RTC-159 can be used in many applications where either high heat or extreme cooling is needed.
  • User friendly – Intuitive to use and to run, it is equipped with a large informative, easy-to-read colour display which makes reading errors a thing of the past.
  • Ergonomically correct – Easy to move from job to job.
  • Mechanically stable – with its high-tech design the RTC-159 ensures durability and lasting quality.

There are three models of the RTC-159 these include.

  1. RTC-159 A reference temperature calibrator base model only
  2. RTC-159 B reference temperature calibrator with input for reference sensor, DLC sensor and sensors under-test
  3. RTC-159 C reference temperature calibrator with input for refence sensor and DLC sensor.
  • Note reference sensor and DLC sensors sold separately.

Key Features:

  • High accuracy – Down to ± 0.06°C (±0.11°F) using external reference sensor. 4-wire True-Ohm Measurement technology is used.
  • Excellent Stability 0.03°C (± 0.05°F)
  • Wide temperature range from -100°C to +155°C (-148°F to +311°F)
  • DLC (Dynamic Load Compensation) – perfect temperature uniformity in the insert, even when calibrating large sensors or many sensors at a time. The patented DLC system in combination with Jofra’s dual-zone technology ensures perfect temperature homogeneity (models B & C only)
  • Fastest Calibration Possible – the efficient Free Piston Stirling Cooler (FPSC) technology is used to secure fast cooling and heating temperature changes.
  • Intelligent Reference Sensors – Jofra reference sensors are supplied with intelligent plugs, holding the calibration data (coefficients) of the reference sensor. This is a plug n’ play calibration system
  • Easy to Carry – weighing 15.2 kg (33.5 lb) the RTC-159 is buy far the lightest and most portable ultra-cooler on the market.
  • USB Communication – All RTC calibrators communicate via an easy-to-use USB port.
  • EURAMET – Best performing dry-block with regard to the EURAMET/cg-13V01 guideline for the testing of dry-blocks

DLC – Dynamic Load Compensation

To bring the active dual-zone technology to an even higher level.  This feature makes it possible to perform top calibration specifications without being affected by the actual load, e.g., many sensors or big sensors.

The DLC sensor improves the homogeneity even more, by controlling the homogeneity in not only the well, but inside the insert where the sensors-under test are placed during calibration.  The DLC sensor provide feedback to the active dual-zone system, which compensates the temperature difference to a minimum inside the insert.  The DLC function makes the homogeneity independent of the different loads of the insert, making the RTC one of the best performing dry-block calibrator on the market.

The DLC system is comprised of a differential temperature sensor.  The sensor is placed in the insert and connect to the calibrator.  When the DLC function is enabled, the calibrator will automatically equalize the temperature homogeneity inside the insert, along with the normal temperature control and stabilization.  

DLC-User Advantages

  • Calibration of several sensors simultaneously
  • Calibration of thick sensors
  • Give TSL (Thermo Sensitive Length) independency. It is no longer necessary to know the TLS of the sensor
  • Compensates for sensor production tolerances like the PT100 element being mounted in various positions in the sensor.
  • Trouble free calibration of PT 100 elements up to 60mm length.

Unique Temperature Performance

With the active dual-zone heating technology, each heating zone is independently controlled for precision temperature calibration.  The homogeneity in the lower part is close to that of a laboratory liquid bath.  The lower zone ensures optimum heat dissipation throughout the entire calibration zone.  The upper zone compensates for heat loss from the sensor-under-test and from the open top.  This eliminates the need for extra insulation of sensors-under-test and makes it possible to calibrate liquid-filled and other mechanical sensors.

USB and LAN / Ethernet Connection

The USB connection facilitates easy communication with JofraCal.  The USB connection also supports easy to download of future firmware upgrades.  The USB connection provides fast and easy access to all laptops without the need of RS-232 to USB converters.

Future-proof through e.g., a flash capability for easy firmware upgrades as well as LAN communication, SD-card slot, and USB host connectors for future use.

Intelligent and Unique Reference Sensors

The Jofra STS-200 intelligent reference sensors and the DLC sensor contain individual calibration data regarding the sensor.  Firstly, this means the time-consuming coefficient downloading sequence with risk of errors is no longer necessary.  Secondly, the user can change the reference sensor and be up and running immediately.  

The STS-200 reference sensors and DLC sensors have been designed with a 90° angle and fit the calibrator so that they are only slightly higher than the top of the RTC calibrator.  The design makes it possible to calibrate threaded sensors and sensors with connection heads without any problems.

Efficient Cooling Technology

The RTC-159 features the FPSC (Free Piston Stirling Cooler) as the cooling source. It is much more efficient than thermo-electric (Peltier) coolers.

Fast Temperature Calibration

Time is money!  This is why all the RTC calibrators have an increased heating and cooling speed compared to all other calibrators.  Heating and cooling speeds have been increased by up to 20%.  The implication is savings in both production downtime and general calibration costs.

Multi-Hole Insert Kits

Two special multi-hole insert kits are available to comply with the calibration of almost any sensor diameter without having to buy numerous inserts.

The first kit a metric insert kit consisting of only four inserts covering all diameters from 3mm to 13mm.  The other is an imperial insert kit consisting of three inserts covering six different sizes from 1/8” to1/2”. 

All inserts have holes for both STS reference sensors and DLC sensors.

Carry Case

The carry case is designed to store both the STS sensors and DLC sensors in the carry case with optimum physical protection. There is room for inserts and insulation plugs for cover all dimensions and compartments for the integrated support rod set, wires, manual, certificates, plugs, inserts tools etc.

All compartments are to hold one of the above-mentioned items. This makes it easy to keep track of any accessories.

The compartments are designed to hold the accessories fixed during transportation.

Easy to Read Colour Display and User-Friendly Navigation

The 5.7” full colour VGA display is very is to read.  The main temperatures, like SET, READ, TRUE and SUT (Sensor under test), are always displayed at all stages of the programming or calibration procedure.

The navigation is menu-driven and logical to use.  The display shows any important information needed for the current function in use.  The communication windows pop up and are followed by discrete sound messages.  The display is very bright, and the main information can easily be read form a distance.  The advanced simplicity RTC user interface is available in English, German, Chinese and Japanese.

The large display contains more information at a glance, such as:

  • Stability status
  • Load compensation status
  • Real-time clock
  • Serial number of reference sensor
  • Sensor-under-test status

JofraCal Calibration Software

JofraCal is a highly versatile calibration software that is supplied with the RTC calibrators.  The software ensures easy calibration of all kinds of temperature sensors, such as RTD’s, thermocouples, transmitters and thermoswitches.  JofraCal may be used for manual calibrations, as it can be set up to accept manual entry of calibration data together with other liquid baths, ice points, or dry-block heat sources.

The calibration data collected can be stores on a PC for recall at a later date.  The RTC calibrator stores the calibration procedure and may be taken out to the process site without the need of a PC.  This allows the RTC calibrator to:

  • Operate as a stone-alone instrument, using calibration routines without the assistance of a PC on site
  • Prevent unauthorized changes to a calibration routine. Personnel who are not authorized to alter a calibration routine cannot do so.

Once all calibrations are complete, the data may be uploaded to JofraCal for the printing of certificates.  The data collected may be stored on the PC for later analysis.

JofraCal offers extended output formats of the captured calibration data such as PDF, ASCII / semicolon separated text format for further processing and calculation of data in spreadsheets and word processors.

JofraCloud Remote Calibrator Operation

JofraCloud is a new way to perform remote reading and setting of RTC temperature calibrators over unlimited distances, with transmission coverage equal to that of a smartphone.

The data is presented as a copy of the calibrator’s display and can be viewed on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone at

Once attached to any RTC (or PTC) calibrator, the gate-way reads data every 2 seconds and allows you to print a timestamped pdf as documentation.

JofraCloud features:

  • Remote Setpoints – Select a new temperature setpoint on your calibrated using your device.
  • Documented Stability Reporting – When the calibrator reaches the set temperature and gains stability, an email report will be sent to your controlling device.
  • On-demand Reporting – Generate a timestamped email report at any time. You can get an audible notification when the calibrator reaches stability.
  • Multiple Calibrator Control – Control and communicate with up to 5 calibrators simultaneously with a single gateway.

Functional Specification:

Temperature Range

@ Ambient temperature 0°C / 32°F

-100°C to +155°C / -148°F to +311°F

@ Ambient temperature 23°C / 73°F

-100°C to +155°C / -148°F to +311°F

@ Ambient temperature 40°C / 104°F

-83°C to +155°C / -117°F to +311°F

Accuracy with External STS Reference Sensor (models B and C)

± 0.06°C / ± 0.11°F

Accuracy with Internal Reference Sensor (models A, B and C)

± 0.30°C / ± 0.54°F


± 0.030°C / ± 0.054°F

  Radial Homogeneity (difference between holes)

±0.01°C / ±0.02°F

Resolution (user selectable)

All Temperatures

1° or 0.1° or 0.01° or 0.001°

Temperature Unit in Display

User Selectable

°C, °F or K

Heating Time

-100°C to +23°C / -148°F to +73°F

12 minutes

+23°C to +155°C / +73°F to +311°F

14 minutes

Cooling Time

+155°C to +23°C / +311°F to +73°F

40 minutes

+23°C to -80°C / +73°F to -112°F

65 minutes

-80°C to -90°C / -112°F to -130°F

20 minutes

-90°C to -100°C / -130°F to -148°F

50 minutes

+23°C to -100°C / +73°F to -148°F

135 minutes

+155°C to -100°C / +311°F to -148°F

175 minutes

Time to Stability

10 minutes

Immersion Depth

190 mm / 6.3 in


Input Specifications:

All input specifications apply to the dry-block of the calibrator running at the respective temperature (stable plus an additional 20-minute period).

RTD Reference Input (models B and C)


4-wire RTD with true ohm measurements

F.S. (Full Scale)

400 ohms

Accuracy (12 months)

± (0.0012% rdg. + 0.0005% F.S.)

PT100 Reference

-100°C ±0.007°C / -148°F ± 0.013°F

0°C ±0.008°C / +32°F ±0.015ׄ°F

+155°C ±0.011°C / +311°F ±0.020°F

DLC Sensor Input

DLC 159

-100°C ±0.014°C / -148°F ± 0.025°F

0°C ±0.010°C / +32°F ±0.018ׄ°F

+155°C ±0.010°C / +311°F ±0.018°F

RTD Sensor Under Test Input (model B)

F.S. (range)

400 ohms

Accuracy (12 months)

± (0.002% rdg + 0.002% F.S)

F.S. (range)

4000 ohms

Accuracy (12 months)

± (0.005% rdg + 0.005% F.S)


Add 50 mohm

RTD Type


-100°C ±0.057°C / -148°F ± 0.103°F

0°C ±0.064°C / +32°F ±0.115ׄ°F

+155°C ±0.075°C / +311°F ±0.136°F


-100°C ±0.107°C / -148°F ± 0.193°F

0°C ±0.116°C / +32°F ±0.209ׄ°F

+155°C ±0.129°C / +311°F ±0.232°F


-100°C ±0.023°C / -148°F ± 0.042°F

0°C ±0.026°C / +32°F ±0.047°F

+155°C ±0.030°C / +311°F ±0.054°F

Thermocouple Input


± 78mV

F.S. (full scale)

78 mV

Accuracy (12 months)

± (0.005% rdg. + 0.005% F.S.)

TC Type


-100°C ±0.10°C / -148°F ± 0.18°F

0°C ±0.06°C / +32°F ±0.11ׄ°F

+155°C ±0.06°C / +311°F ±0.11°F


-100°C ±0.10°C / -148°F ± 0.18°F

0°C ±0.08°C / +32°F ±0.14ׄ°F

+155°C ±0.09°C / +311°F ±0.16°F


-100°C ±0.14°C / -148°F ± 0.25°F

0°C ±0.10°C / +32°F ±0.18°F

+155°C ±0.11°C / +311°F ±0.20°F


-100°C ±0.15°C / -148°F ± 0.27°F

0°C ±0.10°C / +32°F ±0.18ׄ°F

+155°C ±0.08°C / +311°F ±0.14°F


-100°C ±1.30°C / -148°F ± 2.34°F

0°C ±0.78°C / +32°F ±1.40ׄ°F

+155°C ±0.47°C / +311°F ±0.85°F


-100°C ±0.98°C / -148°F ± 1.76°F

0°C ±0.78°C / +32°F ±1.40ׄ°F

+155°C ±0.49°C / +311°F ±0.88°F


-100°C ±0.20°C / -148°F ± 0.36°F

0°C ±0.15°C / +32°F ±0.27ׄ°F

+155°C ±0.13°C / +311°F ±0.23°F


-100°C ±0.13°C / -148°F ± 0.23°F

0°C ±0.10°C / +32°F ±0.18ׄ°F

+155°C ±0.08°C / +311°F ±0.14°F

Transmitter Supply

Output Voltage

24VDC ±10%

Output Current

Maximum 28 mA

Transmitter Input mA (model B)


0-24 mA

Accuracy (12 months)

± (0.005% rdg. + 0.010% F.S.)

Voltage Input VDC (model B)


0-12 VDC

Accuracy (12 months)

± (0.005% rdg. + 0.010% F.S.)

Switch Input (model B)

Test Voltage

Maximum 5 VDC

Test Current

Maximum 2.5 mA


Physical Specification:

Weight and Instrument Size


15.2 kg / 33.5 lb

(L x W x H)

531 x 169 x 432 mm / 20.9 x 6.65 x 17.0 in


Predrilled Inserts:

All predrilled inserts have holes for: 4 mm reference sensor, ¼ in reference sensor, 3 mm hole for DLC sensor.  All inserts are supplied with an insulation plug drilled with the necessary holes.

Sensor Diameter

Insert Code *

RTC-159 (A/B/C)

3 mm



4 mm



5 mm



6 mm



7 mm



8 mm



9 mm



10 mm



11 mm



12 mm



13 mm



14 mm



15 mm



16 mm



Pack of the above inserts




Sensor Diameter

Insert Code *

RTC-159 (A/B/C)

1/8 in



3/16 in



1/4 in



5/16 in



3/8 in



7/16 in



1/2 in



9/16 in



5/8 in



Pack of above Inserts



*Use insert code when ordering a Jofra standard insert together with the RTC calibrator

Undrilled Inserts

All undrilled inserts include insulation plugs.

Sensor Diameter

Insert Code *

RTC-159 (A/B/C)

5 – pack, undrilled inserts with no holes



5 – pack, undrilled inserts with hole for DLC sensor



5 – pack, undrilled inserts with 2 holes for STS reference sensors (4mm & ¼ in) and 1 hole for DLC sensor



Undrilled insulation plug



*Use insert code when ordering a Jofra standard undrilled insert together with the RTC calibrator

Multi-Hole Inserts – Metric (mm)

All inserts are supplied with an insulting plug drilled with the necessary holes.

Insert Type

Insert Code *

RTC-159 (A/B/C)

Multi-hole Type 1



Multi-hole Type 2



Multi-hole Type 3



Multi-hole Type 4



Multi-hole Type 7



Multi-hole Type 8



Multi-hole Type 9



Set of 4 Metric Multi Inserts, 3 to 16 mm, (includes 128459, 128462, 128463 and 128464)



*Use insert code when ordering a Jofra standard multi-hole insert together with the RTC calibrator

Multi-Hole Insert – Imperial (in)

Insert Type

Insert Code *

RTC-159 (A/B/C)

Multi-hole Type 5



Multi-hole Type 6



Multi-hole Type 10



Set of 3 imperial inserts, 1/8 in to ½ in. (includes 128460, 128461 and 128465)





*Use insert code when ordering a Jofra standard multi-hole insert together with the RTC calibrator


Options & Accessories:

Standard Delivery – Model A, B and C Includes:

  • RTC dry-block calibrator (user specified)
  • Mains power cable (user specified)
  • Traceable certificate – temperature performance
  • Tool for insertion tubes
  • JofraCal
  • USB cable
  • Set of rubber cones for insulation plugs
  • Carry case
  • USB key containing JofraCal software package and reference manual

Model B also Includes:

  • Test cables (2 x red, 2 x black)
  • Traceable certificate – input performance for reference sensor and DLC sensor
  • Traceable certificate – Input performance for sensor-under-test inputs. (RTD, mA, mV, TC)

Model C also includes:

  • Traceable certificate – Input performance for reference sensor and DLC sensor.


Extra fixture for sensor grip


Extra sensor grip


Mini-Jack connector for stable relay output


Thermocouple Male Plug – Type J - Black


Thermocouple Male Plug – Type K - Yellow


Thermocouple Male Plug – Type N - Orange


Thermocouple Male Plug – Type T - Blue


Thermocouple Male Plug – Type R/S - Green


Thermocouple Male Plug – Type Cu-Cu - White



DLC-159 Sensor

  • temperature range -100°C to +155°C / -148°F to +311°F
  • sensing element – Differential TC
  • Dimensions – diameter 3 mm / 0.12 in, length 196 mm /7.72 in, max height on calibrator top 8 mm / 0.31 in
  • Standard delivery – DLC-159, plastic protective case, accredited certificate, USB key with JofraCal and manual

STS-200 Sensor

  • temperature range -100°C to +155°C / -148°F to +311°F
  • sensing element – PT100
  • Dimensions – diameter 4 mm / 0.16 in or 6.35 mm / 0.25 in, length 192 mm /7.56 in, max height on calibrator top 22 mm / 0.87 in
  • Standard delivery – STS-200 A/B sensor, plastic protective case, accredited certificate, USB key with JofraCal and manual

Functional Comparison:


Model A

Model B

Model C

Dual-zone heating / cooling block




MVI – Mains Variance Immunity (or similar)




Stability Indicator




Automatic step function




USB communication




Display resolution 0.001°




Programmable max. temperature




SYNC output (for external recording device)




External precision reference sensor input




External precision DLC reference sensor input




“SET” follows “TRUE”




Load compensation functionality




Inputs for RTD, TC, V, mA




4-20 mA transmitter input incl. 24VDC supply




All inputs scalable to temperature




Automatic switch test (open, close and hysteresis)




Download of calibration work orders from PC




Upload of calibration results (as found & as left)





We supply a free of charge traceable calibration and certification with the purchase of a new RTC-159 dry-block calibrator.

Contact us if you require any assistance with your choice of any Ametek Jofra calibrators and accessories.

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