Kewtech Kewvolt 2 Two Pole Voltage Tester

Kewtech Kewvolt 2 Two Pole Voltage Tester

Kewtech Loopcheck 106

Kewtech Loopcheck 106

Kewtech Lightmates

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Kewtech Lightmates

Kewtech Lightmates The easiest way to test at light fittings! Choose any single or all five lightmates.


Kewtech Lightmates the easiest way to test light fittings! No more juggling test leads.

Kewtech Lightmates are an essential testing accessory to facilitate fast and safe testing for Loop Impedance, and R1& R2 testing of lighting circuits. 

Kewtech Lightmates take all the hard work out of testing light fittings.
Have you struggled with test leads? Simply plug in a lightmate, connect your test instrument safely, job done. It really is that simple.

These adaptors can be used in conjunction with Insulation / continuity testers, loop impedance testers or multifunction testers that uses test leads terminating in 4mm safety connectors.

The adaptors enable a range of tests to be conducted on light fitting terminals reducing or eliminating the need to hold test probes in place.

Kewtech Lightmates feature:

  • Adaptors for BC, ES, SBC, SES & GU10 fittings
  • Enables fast and secure attachment of 4mm test lead cables for installation testing
  • Fits all universal 4mm connectors
  • SES & ES adaptors come with colour coded polarity label
  • Comes in pouch

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