Megger PAT420 PAT Tester

Megger PAT420 PAT Tester

Megger PAT450 PAT Tester

Megger PAT450 PAT Tester

Megger PAT420BIB Business in a Box PAT Tester

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Megger PAT420BIB Business in a Box PAT Tester

Megger PAT420BIB tester is the choice of those who are full-time industrial or commercial PAT testers.

The Electricity At Work Act requires that electrical equipment used in premises where people are employed or those open to the public is maintained in a safe condition.

An acceptable way of showing that electrical equipment is safe is by performing routine portable appliance testing.
The Megger PAT420BIB Business in a Box PAT Tester includes everything an electrical contractor needs to diversify into PAT Testing. Any competent person can benefit from this package. It includes comprehensive guides on performing PAT testing, and marketing a PAT testing business to help any business or entrepreneur launch and promote this new venture.

The PAT testing and marketing guides included are a unique feature of the package. They are designed to assist in setting up, running and growing a PAT testing business. The Guide to PAT testing explains how to perform PAT esting. It assumes some practical experience of working with electricity, but not of portable appliance testing.
While remaining simple, it is intended to aid in the detail of how to test and includes identification of the different types of assets that exist and which tests to perform on each type. It also includes the recommended pass/fail criteria from the Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment (published by the IEE) enabling easy identification of a good or faulty asset.
Further opportunities for business may then exist in the repair of faulty assets – e.g. a blown fuse or replaced mains lead or plug may incur additional charges to the primary testing fee. A key feature of this guide is that it has been written in a brief, easy-to-understand style, enabling an easy grasp of PAT testing.

The ‘Guide to marketing a PAT test business’ supplied on the CD provides direction through the difficult business of identifying and locating potential clients, and selling PAT testing services to them. It includes some of the legal background and explains that as an experienced electrician, no additional qualification is required.
The Megger PAT420BIB Business in a Box PAT Tester contains:  
  • How to PAT test booklet including how to identify the asset class, recommended tests and how to do them, and typical pass/fail limits etc.
  • How to Market Your Business’ guide on CD, including sales techniques, a view of the law, how to price your PAT services, prospect management, direct-mail letter templates, advert template, press-release, brochure etc.
  • PAT420 portable appliance tester
  • PowerSuite software for client, location and asset database management, and electronic certification for professional presentation
  • Protective pouch for storage and transport of the tester, leads and documents
  • Adaptor for testing laptop power supplies
  • Combined earth bond, continuity, and insulation test lead with probe and crocodile clip
  • 13 A extension lead adaptor
  • PASS labels for tested assets, roll of 1000
  • Lead storage pouch that can be fixed to the inside or outside of the PAT420 supplied case
  • Laminated quick-start guide for the PAT420
  • Full user guide for the PAT420 on CD

Megger PAT420BIB Business in a Box PAT Tester comes complete with a calibration Certificate Traceable to National Standards when purchased new.

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