Martindale Test Leads TL88

Martindale Test Leads TL88

Martindale VT12 Voltage Tester

Martindale VT12 Voltage Tester

Martindale THERMOKIT

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Martindale THERMOKIT

Martindale Thermokit has a DT175 digital thermometer, with a selection of sensor types

The Martindale Thermokit is a comprehensive temperature kit, ideal for electricians, plumbers, boiler engineers and maintenance engineers. Supplied in a soft carry case, the Martindale Thermokit includes the Martindale DT175 dual input thermometer, bead type probes, pipe clamp probes, an air probe and a surface probe.

The DT175 is a high quality dual-input digital thermometer with temperature difference capability. It is able to measure input and output temperature and temperature differentials through boilers, radiators etc. and can accept a wide range of K type probe accessories.

The meter comes with a protective rubberised holster and is switchable between °C and °F and between 1° and 0.1° resolution. Hold and min/max buttons allow the current value to be frozen or the maximum reading to be stored.

The Martindale Thermokit comes complete with the DT175 thermometer, 2 x bead type probes, 2 x pipe clamp probes, 1 x air probe and 1 x surface probe.

  • DT175 Dual Input Thermometer
  • 2 x pipe clamp probes (TT10K)
  • 2 x bead probes (TT1P)
  • 1 x air probe (TT5K)
  • 1 x surface probe (TT8K)
  • Supplied in soft carry case

Martindale Thermokit comes complete with a calibration Certificate Traceable to National Standards when purchased new

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