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Martindale VT12 Voltage Tester

Martindale VIPD138 Voltage Indicator Proving Unit

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Martindale VIPD138 Voltage Indicator Proving Unit

Martindale VIPD KIT contains Martindale VI13800 Indicator & and PD440 Proving Unit

The Martindale VIPD138 contains the VI-13800 voltage indicator and the PD440 proving device, enabling you to comply with health and safety recommendations for safe working.

The standard relating to 2 pole voltage indicators is BS EN61243-3. All voltage indicators on the British & European market should comply. The latest version of the standard is BS EN61243-3:2010 and came fully in to force in May 2013.

The Martindale VI-13700 has been widely used for many years and as part of its design has always included a fuse in the probe to limit the current in the event of damage to the cable.

There is a technical argument that fuses in a voltage indicator can cause unreliability and any problem with the fuse could cause the voltage indicator not to indicate a hazardous voltage. In reality this risk is very small and correct proving procedures will identify the problem. None the less, because of this potential problem, BS EN61243-3 prohibits the use of fuses in 2 pole voltage indicators.

In order to fully comply with BS EN61243-3:2010 Martindale has released an updated version of VI-13700/2 with a model number of VI-13800. This new model has the fuse replaced by a high wattage resistor in the probe that will limit the current in the event of damage to the cable. This protection is superior to the protection offered by the fuse as the current that can flow under fault conditions is considerably less. The vast majority of competitor products have no protection built into the probe.

HSE Guidance note GS38 has not been revised for many years and therefore hasn’t kept pace with technology or international standards. It is due to be updated. The existing version of GS38 does not require fuses in a 2 pole voltage indicator built to a recognised standard such as BS EN61243-3.

Apart from the fuse/resistor in the probe everything else about the specification of VI-13700/2 & VI-13800 is identical, including the contrasting inner cable sheath to quickly identify cable damage.

In order to distinguish VI-13700/2 from VI-13800 the new model has the probe changed to all black instead of yellow. The probe is clearly marked “impedance protected” rather than showing a fuse rating. It is sealed and has no user replaceable parts.

There is no specific requirement to replace the VI-13700 products which are in use. NB Proper proving procedures should always be used with any voltage indicator.



C/w Free Calibration Certificate Traceable to National Standards
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