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Martindale VIPD150S Kit

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Martindale VIPD150S Kit

The Martindale VIPD150-S kit contains the VI15000 voltage indicator and the PD690S proving device, enabling you to comply with health and safety recommendations for safe working.

Nothing is more dangerous than trusting a defective voltage indicator to test for a dead circuit. Safe electrical work requires the use of a voltage indicator that has been proved with a proving device before and after use.

The Martindale VIPD150-S kit contains the VI15000 voltage indicator and the PD690S proving device, enabling you to comply with health and safety recommendations for safe working.

The VI15000 has a 1000V CATIV safety rating and LED indication for AC/DC voltages from 50V to 690V and above, ensuring compliance with health and safety recommendations for safe working in all BS EN61010 installation categories. It’s the simplest and most reliable way to ensure circuits have been de-energised and properly isolated prior to maintenance and modifications.  The CATIV design not only provides improved protection against voltage transients, but also includes a high wattage resistor that will limit the current in the event of damage to the cable in accordance with BS EN61243-3. The protection is built in where it’s needed, in the handheld probe assembly rather than just in the instrument providing superior protection for the user to other testers.  The heavy duty, double insulated cable, large finger guard and a retractable, lockable prod sheath make this the safest, most durable and reliable instrument of its type. The design complies with the requirements of the latest edition of GS38, Edition 4 2015.

The PD690S proving device produces 700V AC/DC to enable voltage indicators and other devices with ranges up to 700V to be checked. The kit is supplied with a combination carry case for both VI and PD products to ensure the proving unit is always to hand. For convenience and to save time, the proving unit can be used without having to remove it from the case.


  • 50V – 1000V AC/DC
  • Polarity & Voltage indication 50V
  • Heavy duty double insulated cable with contrasting inner core to reveal any damage
  • Bright LED AC/DC voltage and polarity indication
  • GS32 and BS EN 61243-3 compliant
  • 690V industry leading proving unit for all low and high impedance testers

VIPD150-S Kit Includes

1 x

Voltage indicator (VI15000)

1 x

Proving Device (PD690S)

1 x

Soft combination carry case (TC71)


Specification: VI15000

Nominal voltage range

50V to 1000V DC / AC rms

Nominal voltage threshold indications

±50V, ± 120V, ±230V, ±400V, ±690V DC / AC rms

Voltage threshold tolerance

Conforms to BS EN 61243-3

Polarity & voltage indication 

50V DC / AC rms

AC / DC voltage detection


Range detection


Response time


Frequency range

DC, 1-400Hz

Test current

< 3.5mA at 1000V DC / AC rms

Duty ratio

30s ON (operated), 240s OFF (recovery)

Temperature & Humidity (operating & storage)

-10°C to +55°C ≤85% R.H.


Up to 2000m


From circuit under test


(L) 205mm x (W) 67mm x (D) 27mm


130g approx.


Conforms to BS EN 61243-3 CAT IV 1000V

Class II Double Insulated

Pollution Degree 2

IP Rating IP54


Conforms to BS EN 61326-1


Specifications PD690S

Output voltage

690V nominal

Output frequency

50Hz nominal

Operating temperature

-10°C to +40°C at max, 70% R.H.


Up to 2000m


Degree 2

Internal batteries

6 x 1.5V AA alkaline batteries (IEC LR6, NEDA 15A)


150mm x 80mm x 35mm

Weight packed

350g approx. with batteries


6 x 1.5V AA batteries, Instructions


Martindale VIPD150S kit comes complete with a calibration Certificate Traceable to National Standards when purchased new.

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