Megger RCDT330 RCD Tester

Megger RCDT330 RCD Tester

Megger RCDT310 RCD Tester

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Megger RCDT310 RCD Tester

Megger RCDT310 for use on supplies between 100V & 280V, and offers 0.5I, I and 5I test

Megger RCDT310 RCD Tester is suitable for use on supplies between 100V and 280V, and offers 0.5I, I and 5I tests, with provision for tests starting at 0ْ/180ْ of the supply waveform, as well as for DC tests. It also has facilities for testing standard and selective RCDs, and covers current ranges from 30mA to 500mA. When connected to a live supply, it defaults to voltmeter mode.

Even if it is inadvertently connected to a live three-phase supply, it will remain undamaged, and present no safety hazard to the user.

Introduced after extensive customer research into the requirements of electrical contractors, Megger RCDT310 RCD Tester combine rugged construction with straightforward operation and are offered at very competitive prices.

Megger RCDT310 RCD Tester feature a compact ergonomic design, making it easy to handle and use, and a tough impact-resistant body with a rubber over moulding for additional protection, plus a built-in display cover.

  • Water and dust resistant, with an IP54 ingress protection rating.
  • Tests standard, DC and selective RCDs
  • Ramp testing
  • Auto (Remote) testing
  • 3 Phase safe
  • Tough rubber armoured case with built-in cover

Megger RCDT310 RCD Tester comes complete with a calibration Certificate Traceable to National Standards when purchased new.

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