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Sonel PRS-2 ESD Protection Probes

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Sonel PRS-2 ESD Protection Probes

Sonel PRS-2

Probe for measuring resistance in zones with ESD protection (2 pcs.)

The kit has been designed for coordinators and measurement specialists who supervise and regularly control in zones protected against the effects of electrostatic discharge (EPA).

Working with the Sonel PRS-2 probes is fast and accurate. The probes are precisely manufactured, in accordance with the guidelines of international standards, incl. IEC 61340-5-1, IEC 61340-5-2 and ANSI/ESD S20.20. As a result, the measured values of surface and material resistance are correctly verified.

Standard accessories

  • 2x double-sized ring-shape measurement probe (counter-electrode)
  • circular probe (counter-electrode)
  • 2x pressure weight
  • insulating plate
  • test lead 10 m on a reel
  • 3x test lead 1.2 m
  • distance line 25 cm

Optional for MIC-2511 Insulation resistance meter

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