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Testo 512 Compact Differential Pressure Manometer

testo 512 – Digital differential pressure manometer with App connection

Key Features:

Simple, fast and precise differential pressure measurement (0 to 200 hPa) / (0 to 2000 hPa) for checking filters and for Pitot tube measurement in the ventilation duct

  • Reliable measurement results due to position-independent differential pressure sensor with high accuracy
  • Fast in-app (duct) configuration, graph history, second screen and measurement data memory in the testo Smart App 
  • Volume flow calculation in measuring instrument and App

With the compact differential pressure measuring manometer testo 512-1 (0 to 200 hPa), testo 512-2 (0 to 2000 hPa) you have the ideal solution for simple, fast and precise measurement of gas flow and static gas pressure on heating systems, for checking filters on air conditioning systems and for Pitot tube measurement in ventilation ducts. The testo Smart App supports you with useful functions such as configuration, display (also as second screen) and storage as well as documentation of the measured values directly in the App.

Available in two models:

  • Testo 512-1 (0 – 200 hPa) (0563 1512)
  • Testo 512-2 (0 - 2000 hPa) (0563 2512)

Please select which pressure version from below

Testo 512 comes complete with a calibration certificate traceable to National Standards when purchased from us at no extra charge. 

Contact us for further information regarding Testo 512 compact differential pressure manometer

Testo 512 Compact Differential Pressure Manometer Description

Differential pressure measurement fast, easy and precise: This is what the compact measuring instrument testo 512-1, which measures pressures up to 200 hPa and the 512-2 measures up to 2000 hPa, is all about. In practical use, it convinces with its flexibility and variety of applications. Checking the gas pressure on burners by measuring gas flow pressure and static gas pressure is just as quick and precise as checking filters and Pitot tube measurement in the ventilation duct. The position-independent differential pressure sensor ensures reliable and highly accurate measurement results. The testo Smart App for smartphones and tablets supports you with these functions:

  • Configure measuring instrument
  • Display graphical measured value curve
  • Save measurement data
  • Manage customers and measuring sites
  • Documentation on site
  • E-mail dispatch of the report

What’s Included:

  • testo 512-1 or testo 512-2 - Differential pressure measuring manometer with App connection, measuring range 0 to 200 hPa / 2000 hPa, audible alarm
  • Transport bag
  • Connection hose made of silicone
  • 3 x AA batteries
Testo 512 Compact Differential Pressure Manometer Specification:

Differential Pressure - Piezoresistive

Testo 512-1

Testo 512-2 

Measuring range

0 to +200 hPa

    0 to +2000 hPa


±(0.3 Pa + 1 % of mv)± digit (0 to 25.00 hPa)

±(0.1 hPa + 1.5 % of mv)± digit (25.0 to 200.00 hPa)

    0.5 % fs


0.001 hPa (0 to + 2.0 hPa))

0.01 hPa (2.01 to + 20.0 hPa))

0.10 hPa (20.1 to + 200.0 hPa))

  1 hPa


General technical data


146 x 60 x 28 mm

Operating temperature

-20 to +50 °C

Product-/housing material


Protection class


Battery type

3x AA

Battery life

120 h

Storage temperature

-20 to +50 °C


190.0 g

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