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  1. Sonel Test Equipment

    Sonel Test Equipment , we can now supply the full range. Some items are now featured on our website.These are rugged, well built instruments, designed to stand up to hard use.

    Take a look.

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  2. Temperature and Humidity Calibration

    We at Glanford Electronics, have expanded our calibration equipment to include a Weise Environmental Chamber. This will enable our Calibration Laboratory to calibrate Traceable to National Standards, temperature and humidity on things like data loggers. The chamber can go down to -80 Deg C. This co...
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  3. Coming Soon ! Sonel Test Equipment

    Glanford Electronics will soon feature Sonel products. Sonel are new to the U.K. but the company provides high quality test equipment, particularly Low Ohms measurment, Ductors and High voltage Insulation Continuity Tester . Thes have been produced in Poland for many years and sold throughout Eur...

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  4. 17th Edition IEE wiring regulations

    The 17th Edition reflects significant changes to both the technical content and structure of the book. Key changes include:

    A change allowing a socket outlet in bathrooms (if 3m from the edge of a bath or shower and rcd protected)

    Extension of the Regulations to cover new ‘s...

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